Carolyn Jayne

The Journal Queen!

Carolyn Jayne, M.A. is an Artist, Holistic Counselor, Teacher and Infopreneur whose work is inspired by Spirit, Nature, Ancient Mythologies, Emergent Human Design, and Astrology.

Hello ! Welcome to my Journal Queen website.
I have been creating visual journals for the past 20 years. I finally decided to share my journals and musings through this website. I hope you enjoy journeying thru my doorway portals.
My professional and personal direction (and ART!!) is informed and inspired by my creative and devotional practices as well as my deep study and contemplation of such works as:
Women Who Run with the Wolves,  The Gene Keys, and Sacred Contracts- to name a few.
It is through my deeply personal and yet archetypal images that the very tangible of the Divine can be seen and felt. Everything logically impossible becomes magically “real” through the realms of color, texture, shape and form.
Whether thru paintings, journals or fairy houses I love sharing my creations with others!

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